Torah Tidbits

It’s A Process!    

Shabbat Parashat Yitro

February 7, 2015 – 18 Shevat 5775  

Dear Friends,featured-rabbi 

I hope that you will join us for Sisterhood Shabbat this Friday night and for Shabbat services tomorrow morning.  Sisterhood Shabbat promises to be a wonderful communal happening.  On Shabbat morning we will be reading the Parsha of Yitro and, through that reading, we will be “re-live” the communal experience of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.  Like our ancestors, we will stand as a community, as we hear the Ten Commandments chanted!

The Torah tells us that even though God was leading our people out of Egypt during the Exodus and guiding us toward Mount Sinai, it still took our people three months to arrive at that holy site.  And, even after we arrived at Mount Sinai, it took us three days’ time to be spiritually prepared to receive the Torah in holiness.  Any way you look at it, even with God leading us out of Egypt, our people had to trek through the desert for three months and go through a meaningful communal process before they could stand at the holy site and receive the Torah.

In similar fashion, we, at Rodef Sholom Temple, will need to prepare for our upcoming relocation to the UJC campus.  We too will need to trek through the desert and to go through a meaningful communal process so that when we arrive at our new site, we will be prepared to move in with a renewed  sense of community, of vision, and of holiness.  It’s a process I look forward to sharing with each and every one of our extended Rodef Sholom Temple family.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Gilah Dror