Shabbat Parashat Nitzavim Shana Tova!

Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Shana Tova u’Metuka [a good year and a sweet year]!  May we enjoy many blessings and simchas [joyous celebrations] together.

A short and sweet message for this Shabbat and for the coming High Holy Days:

I love this week’s Torah portion especially since it always is read right before Rosh HaShana.  Our Torah portion of Nitzavim reiterates a central theme in our Jewish narrative.  Nitzavim reminds us that God entered into a Covenant with the people Israel and that the Covenant included all those who were present at that time, and all those who were not present

How can a Covenant include those who were not present at the time of its creation?

Some say, this phrase in the Torah is meant to include future generations in the Covenant.

But, some say: this is to include those whose minds were focused on the momentous moment of the creation of the Covenant, and those whose mind was wandering while the sacred Covenant was being established!

What a wonderful teaching!  We are all included.  We are all important.  Whether we focus on every moment of the prayers during the High Holy Days or whether our minds wander, we are all part of the experience of being present in a holy space, at a holy moment in time.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and to sharing the blessings, the joys, and the experiences of holiness as we greet the new Jewish year, 5780, together!

Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova!

Rabbi Gilah Dror