Musical Moments



Musical Moment for Yom Kippur

Dan Nichols and Eighteen – Kehilah Kedoshah

This piece captures the hope that we can sing together before GOD, seeing the sacred community that we become when we are able to see the sacred in those around us.

Aviva Chernick – Chadesh Yamenu

I first heard Aviva Chernick at the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto in 2010 where she and her group Jaffa Road captivated the audience with the most spiritually moving Selichot “service” I have ever attended. The song’s is an invitation to a renewal of ourselves and our relationship with the Holy One.


Musical Moments – Rosh HaShanah 5784

The proliferation of incredible Jewish music, both here and in Israel, is quite remarkable. Reflecting the diversity of each community in its lyrics and musical influences, these songs truly reflect the soul of the Jewish people, its concerns, dreams and aspirations. Through the course of the year, I look forward to sharing with you a song or two each week along with a few words on why they engage me.

Rosh Hashana

Hayom / Today  Craig Taubman from the album Inscribed

This rendition of the piyyut from the end of the Musaf service on the High Holy Days articulates our recognition of GOD’s blessings in our lives, past and future, while acknowledging that GOD has expectations of us in the year ahead.


Strengthen us – today.                                                          Amen.

Bless us – today.                                                                   Amen.

Exalt us – today.                                                                    Amen.

Seek our well-being – today.                                                 Amen.

Inscribe us for a good life – today.                                        Amen.

Lovingly accept our prayers – today.                                    Amen.

Hear our plea – today.                                                           Amen.

Sustain us with the power of your righteousness – today. Amen.



Lishmoa El Harina – לִשְׁמֹֽע אֶל הָרִנָּה וְאֶל הַתְּפִלָּה

Cantor Magda Fishman and Maestro Tomer Adaddi

This piyyut is sung on the Saturday night prior to Rosh HaShanah as part of the first Selichot service as we prepare to stand before God and greet the New Year. Generally sung with a somber melody, this version is upbeat, even joyous, reflecting an eagerness to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and connect with God.



The Sabbath has ended, night has come; We approach You with earnest plea.

O You who dwell in the heavens above, bend low and hear our hymn of praise.

Hear our plea! Accept our prayer!

Remember Isaac, bound for an offering, in whose stead the ram was slain,

Shield his descendants praying this night; Kindle Your power; come to their aid.

Hear our plea! Accept our prayer!

Let their plea reach Your heavenly abode. Receive all who seek Your Presence.

Do not refuse to hear their prayers, the fervent prayers which they offer.


Once You received the Temple sacrifices, now accept our petition for forgiveness.

Accept the plea we offer this night, reveal for us the wonder of Your deeds.

Hear our plea! Accept our prayer!