Membership: Family. Old friends. New friends. 

Membership — our lifeblood.

  • Whether you are a current member, a visitor who might become a member, or a visitor who is just passing through, you are who make us a holy congregation. We practice our faith in worship services by praying together. We practice our faith in the community by helping, supporting, and comforting each other. We study together, laugh together, and mourn together. Do join us in this sacred work.
  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    Regardless of where your interests and talents lie, we want you. If you have service- leading or Torah/Haftarah reading skills, we want you. Perhaps you’d like to serve on our Education Committee, helping to promote Jewish living through Jewish learning. Or perhaps on our Gemilut Chasadim committee providing support to those in our community who need help in recovery from illness or who are in mourning. Do you like to teach? We have students–both adults and children–who love to learn. If you have an interest in volunteering, we have a spot for you. And involvement in Temple activities is how beautiful friendships can be started and nurtured.
  • Please consider serving and thereby strengthening our Rodef Sholom community. We would be grateful, and we are sure you will be personally rewarded, too.
  • And if you wish to just be a member, that’s okay too. We appreciate all of you. We have strength in pure numbers, and we appreciate your support.

Membership levels: Rodef Sholom Temple is a membership organization that depends upon your dues and your generous contributions to our various funds. Click here to review giving opportunities. Read below for our various membership categories. If none of these categories fit your particular situation, contact our office and we will have a membership committee representative discuss options with you.