Shabbat Parashat Vayechi What Are We Waiting For…

Dear Friends,

What are we waiting for….When does the life we hope to live actually begin?

Traditionally, Jews are always aware of what is not yet completely perfect in ourselves and in the world around us.  Traditionally, Jews are waiting for the Messianic era and anticipating a time when a true, lasting and pervasive peace will envelop the world.

Nevertheless, Judaism teaches us to live our lives in the fullest way possible; to live in the present with an eye toward the future.

Our parsha begins with the Hebrew words: “Vayechi Yaacov...”  [Jacob lived…].  The continuation of our parasha is the narrative of Jacob’s life in Egypt.  It is the story of the last 17 years of Jacob’s long, action-packed, life.

Perhaps, the words “Vayechi Yaacov” point to Jacob’s own personal sense that when he was reunited with Joseph in Egypt, for the first time in his life, Jacob felt that he was “truly alive.”

Perhaps, not only for Jacob, but for us as well, it is so easy to live life waiting for something that we have not yet attained.  It is so easy to put off doing things because we are not yet where we want to be in life…But, in reality, our “true life” is happening all the time!

What are we waiting for…?  May our lives be filled with a sense of blessing for the present as well as hope and inspiration for the future!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Gilah Dror