Shabbat Parashat Bo Being Seen and Being Heard

Dear Friends,

I think we all know what a difference it makes to each one of us when we feel that we are seen and heard by those around us, even as we disagree with one another. Equally important is our own willingness to be there for others – whether we agree or disagree with them – to make them feel seen and heard.

We read in our Torah portion about the plague of darkness that fell upon the Egyptians in Egypt, just prior to the Exodus. It took that moment when the Egyptians were simply unable to see one another, nor to see the Israelites, that brought about the huge transformation and the willingness of the Egyptians to see the Israelites “in a new light” when the plague of darkness was removed. From that point in time in the story of the Exodus, it became clear that change for the good was possible.

As we move forward, with a new President and administration, let us remember the message of our Parsha, and of the story of the Exodus and of the redemption from slavery, on the importance of being seen and heard. Each one of us wants to feel seen and heard. Let us also remember to let our neighbors – who may or may not see things our way – know that we are there for them and that we are willing to see and hear them.

And, may a new light shine upon all of us as we move forward into the future.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Gilah Dror