Shabbat Parashat Korachodesh Thoughts on Korach

Dear Friends,

Sometimes I truly feel like Korach who rebelled against Moses and demanded that Moses cede his leadership of the people Israel.

What do I imagine Korach was feeling?

I imagine that Korach might have felt, as I too have felt at times – angry, upset, frustrated, wishing that I could make the world around me bend to my understanding of right and wrong…if only people would “put me in charge”.

But then I realize that none of us are really “in charge.” Yet, we are all integral parts of the puzzle.

Korach’s rebellion against Moses was an attempt to tear down Moses as a human being, to deny his good qualities, to destroy his work and, ultimately, to replace him as a leader.

In contrast to Korach, Moses “fell on his face.” Moses took a step back. Moses took a deep breath. Then, Moses did all that was in his power to restore a sense of common purpose among the people of Israel, to re-focus people on the highest ideals of our people, and to restore a sense of connection with God, with Torah, and with the Promised Land.

I am sure that it was not easy for Moses to react with such restraint to the challenges of Korach’s rebellion against him and against God. Nevertheless, Moses make the effort and showed us the way. Rightfully, Moses became, not only our role model, but also the greatest “teacher” of our people.

May we all be blessed with a sense of purpose, of humility and of connection so that, together, we may see the blessings of a brighter future for ourselves and for those around us.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Gilah Dror